UHD HEVC Monitoring Decoder AG 9000

UHD HEVC Monitoring Decoder

AG 9000

The Sencore AG 9000 Distribution Monitoring Decoder provides HEVC 4K decoding for monitoring real-time linear distribution video feeds. The product is the industry’s first professional-grade and HEVC 4K decoder product based on ASIC technology for lower power usage, reasonable cost, and high density.

The card can be used in any openGear® frame and up to 18 channels of decoding can be deployed in one 2RU frame, saving rackspace in typically tight NOC and video wall applications, and can be deployed alongside other Sencore openGear® decoders such as the AG 5800 4:2:2 H.264 decoder.

Offering either full-resolution, full-bandwidth 2160p 10-bit output via HDMI 1.4 (HDMI 2.0 coming Q316), or downconverted 1080p50/60 video via 3G-SDI, the AG 9000 decodes video services up to 70 Mbps to baseband video for confidence monitoring or lab playback.

The card can also be used with one of Sencore’s HEVC-capable stream playback solutions for quality checking of Video on Demand content.


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